Wellness Therapy

Lymphatic Detoxification (60Min - $128)

Promotes lymphatic circulation, excretes toxins, prevents illness. Increase skin elasticity for a radiant glow.

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Uterine Wellness Therapy (60Min - $158)

Combination of various TCM techniques to stimulate proper flow of Qi and blood. Warm herbal treatment to expel cold and toxins bulit-ups, restoring hormonal balance and improving women's health.

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Post-Natal Treatment (60Min - $128)

Postpartum treatment to restore body harmony, reduce appearance of cellulite, restore endocrine balance and prevent confinement aftershocks. Burn fats and detox to restore figure.

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Breast Wellness Therapy (60Min - $158)

Breast related disorder such as breast hyperplasia, fibroadenomas, lumps, tenderness adn nipple discharge. Clears blocked meridians, eliminate toxins to improve the breast wellness and lymphatic flow. Prevents breast aging such as sagging, expansion and atrophy.

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Pre-Natal Massage
(60Min - $128)

Pre-Natal Massage reduces anxiety, symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains. Effectively ease off pregnancy discomforts. It can be great for mother's who are experiencing nerve pain.

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Five Elements Meridian Treatment (60Min - $199)

Principles of the five elements used to unblock the twelve meridians of the body, "Qi" and blood flow. Dissipates the air stasis and stasis on tendons, elements mentaltension, fatigue and pain. Balance the yin and yang, harmonises body internal organs.

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Facial Bojin Therapy (30/60Min - $109/$199)

By using Hyaluronic Acid Serum as massaging oil, it involves palpation and cutaneous stimulation in which the skin is gently pressed with an Ox horn instrument to promote "Qi" flow in the face meridian channels. paving the way for increased blood circulation. Helps brighten skin tone., tighten skin, diminish wrinkles, improve facial skin resistance, and imporve redness.

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Kidney Wellness Therapy (60Min - $158)

By stimulating the lumbosacral acupoints through TCM Meridian massage, it warms the kidney area, invigorate vitality, improve weak physique, and regulate endocrine. Suitable for people with lumbosacral soreness, cold back, curvature of the spine, dizziness, tinnitus, swollen eye circles , fatigue, frequent nocturia, loose stools issues, decreased reproductive function , and obvious signs of premature aging.

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Meridian Bojin Therapy (60Min - $199)

"Bojin" therapy intensively and effectively targets on meridian channels, stimulates the body to eradicate the cold and stagant "Qi". Resolves deeply-rooted health issues such as, water retention, aches, digestion problems, constioation and insomnia.

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Improve your moods and relieve your pain in your body soul and mind. Come experience a healing session with a whole variety of our carefully designed treatments and services to suit individual needs.


Benefits Of Tuina

Tuina works holistically, treating the mind through the body and vice versa. It leaves you with a deep sense of physical and mental relaxation, revitalisation and well-being.

Tuina is best suited for rectifying certain types of chronic pain, musculoskeletal conditions and stress-related disorders.

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