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TCM Consultation

LIANGYI Practitioner will carry holistic understanding of your health and diagnose your current condition.

TCM Treatment

Our TCM treatments encompasses several methods designed to help patients achieve and maintain health.

Wellness Therapy

Our signature wellness therapies combines Tuina with Yoga and Taiji techniques to dredge meridians and smooth “Qi” and blood, improves immunity system.

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TCM Consultation & 7 Days Medication For New Customer | Liang Yi TCM

Feature Service

We Have All Your Body Needs Covered
Treatment Tuina
Treatment Tuina | Liang Yi TCM
Moxibustion Therapy
Moxibustion Therapy | Liang Yi TCM
Five Elements Meridian Treatment
Five Element Meridian Treatment | Liang Yi TCM
Lymphatic Detoxification
Lymphatic Detoxification | Liang Yi TCM
Meridian Bojin Therapy
Meridian Bojin Therapy | Liang Yi TCM
Uterine Wellness Therapy
Uterine Wellness Therapy | Liang Yi TCM
Yu Quan Guan Cupping
Yu Quan Guan Cupping
Kidney Wellness Therapy
Kidney Wellness Therapy | Liang Yi TCM


Great service, I was impressed by the first visit, I will bring my family to this massage when I have the opportunity.
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Been here once with my family, family and friends love to come here, it feels like the best TCM massage in Singapore.
The service is very thoughtful and comfortable, I hope to come to this store often in the future.

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Top TCM Treatment Center for Insomnia | Liang Yi TCM

Top TCM Treatment Center For Insomnia

Insomnia is a form of sleeping disorder where a person experiences difficulty in falling or staying asleep. Symptoms include waking up often during the night and having trouble going back to sleep.

Liang Yi
How to Treat Post-Covid Side Effect? | Liang Yi TCM

How To Treat Post-Covid Side Effect?

How to treat covid sequelae TCM has achieved good results in the treatment of COVID-19. Thus far, no exacerbations and no cases of recovery yang have been reported. In terms of treatment methods,

Liang Yi
How Traditional Chinese Massage Benefit | Liang Yi TCM

How Traditional Chinese Massage Benefit

TCM massage therapy uses a healing meridian massage technique to reduce physical and mental stress, building up stamina and increasing vitality which can greatly enhance the whole immune system:

Liang Yi

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