TCM Consultation

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners perform their clinical assessment through four diagnostic methods: Inspection, Listening & Smelling, Inquiring and Palpation. Our doctors will evaluate your overall body condition and provide a personalized holistic solution to achieve health and wellbeing.


Physician Consultation | Liang Yi TCM

Physician Consultation

Herbal Powder | Liang Yi TCM

Herbal Powder

Comprehensive Acupuncture | Liang Yi TCM

Comprehensive Acupuncture

Bandaging Service | Liang Yi TCM

Bandaging Service

Electro-Acupuncture | Liang Yi TCM


Facial Acupuncture | Liang Yi TCM

Facial Acupuncture

Pediatric Massage | Liang Yi TCM

Pediatric Massage

Normal Cupping | Liang Yi TCM

Normal Cupping

Scrapping | Liang Yi TCM


Blood Letting Cupping | Liang Yi TCM

Blood Letting Cupping

TCM Osteopathy | Liang Yi TCM

TCM Osteopathy

Comprehensive Pain Treatment | Liang Yi TCM

Comprehensive Pain Treatment

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