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Sleep is part of the natural rhythm of yin and yang qi in body. Yin and yang qi play opposite roles – in the day, yang qi dominates as it fuels the body’s activities. However, as day turns into night, the cooling, quiet and nourishing yin qi dominates that helps to slow down the body’s activity so that it is relaxed and calm for a good night’s sleep. When this natural rhythm is disrupted, there is an imbalance of yin and yang qi, which results in insomnia.

Some factors that cause yin and yang qi imbalance:

• Dietary habits such as overeating, consumption of caffeinated and alcoholic beverages

• Emotions such as anger, sorrow

• Exhaustion from activities eg, excessive exercise

• Prolonged illness

• Old age

In TCM terms, underlying factors that contribute to insomnia include:

• Liver fire (heatiness)

• Liver & gallbladder damp heat

• Heart qi deficiency

• Heart fire

TCM Acupuncture can bring relief to those who suffer from insomnia. Depending on the underlying contributing factors, massaging acupuncture points such as the Nei Guan and Shen Men can aid in qi circulation and dissipate the heat accumulated at the respective area.

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