Liu Xiang Yang


  • Singapore MOH Registered TCM Physician
  • Singapore Chinese Physician’s Association Member
  • Singapore College of TCM (Advanced Professional Diploma)
  • Member of the World Society of Manipulative Medicine
  • Under the tutelage of Professor Chen Shuang Suo, Vice President of Henan Luoyang Massage Association

Therapeutic Area

  • TCM Internal Medicine: Insomnia, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Cardiopulmonary Dysfunction
  • Soft Tissue Muscle Pain: Cervical Spondylosis, Acute and Chronic Lower Back pain, Knee Arthritis, Heel pain, Tennis Elbow
  • Stroke Sequelae Conditioning
  • Skin Disease


  • PLQ Mall (Mon & Thur)
  • i12 Katong Mall (Tue & Wed)
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